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I initially became interested in photography through doing research for scenography and scenic artwork.  Whilst studying and later working in London I would wander the streets with a manual 35mm film camera recording textures and colors that might later inspire design choices or become references for a paint effect.  Gradually I came to see these images as something more than research for design or painting work but as a body of work itself.  The Billboard series has been an ongoing project since my arrival in London.  Cities represented in the series included Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, and Zurich. Coming from an area of great natural beauty I have always looked to landscape for inspiration.  Advertising forms a large portion of the visual impact of the city.  When these images become distressed by time, weather and human contact they become windows into surreal and beautiful landscapes. A link in all of the work is an observation of the way in which texture contains both surface and depth. The challenge of capturing three dimensional space in a photograph is by no means as interesting to me as taking a two dimensional plane and endowing it with depth and form.  Other photographic projects include series on skies, natural landscapes and urban environments.